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Why Water Filtration is Necessary

We like to believe what we are drinking is safe for us and our families. The reality is there are many contaminants in our water supply affecting the water reaching our faucets.

Toxic chemicals seep into the ground adding deposits into our local water supplies. Much of this stems from large industrial outfits that failed to dispose of manufacturing chemicals properly. This along with added chemicals creates unsafe water conditions for you and your family. 

It is known that chemicals such as 1,4-Dioxane have been found on places like Long Island, with origins from an old Grumman manufacturing plant around the Hicksville area. Although not proven to be linked to cancer, the rate of breast cancer in the surrounding areas in Nassau County is one of the highest in the country.

The list goes on. It has been tested in NYC tap water samples to find the following carcinogenic chemicals:

Bromodichloromethane – Is a byproduct of chlorine in water – known to increase cancer and problems during pregnancy

Chloroform – byproduct of chlorine in water – known to increase cancer and problems during pregnancy

Chromium (hexavalent) – A carcinogen – From industrial pollution

Dichloroacetic acid – Is a Haloacetic Acid – byproduct of chlorine in water – known to increase cancer and problems during pregnancy

Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs) – Trihalomethanes – Is a Cancer causing contaminant formed during water treatment with chlorine and other disinfectants.

Trichloroacetic acid – Is a Haloacetic Acid – byproduct of chlorine in water – known to increase cancer and problems during pregnancy

These cancer causing chemicals are found in almost all water coming into our homes. It is important to learn how to protect ourselves from anything that may promote cancer growth in our bodies.

How do I protect my family?

You need water to survive, it helps regulate your entire body. Having the best water source available for you and your family is essential to good health and a long life.

Filtering your water is a great way to reduce contaminants in your water. Filters come in many variations. While some are better than others filtration should be a part of every home.

A Point of Use filtration systems are generally one of the best ways to clean your drinking water. However, all POU systems are not the same. Look for a system that provides strong contamination removal such as Reverse Osmosis paired with UV sterilization.

Why most filters fail

Standard fill and pour filters are not as robust as a full water system should be. While the water tastes clean and contaminants are reduced this is not a perfect solution.

These types of single filter systems generally use activated carbon as one of the only filtering mechanisms. While activated carbon will remove the taste of Chlorine and many of the impurities from the water it is not the best method.

Reverse Osmosis systems use a dense membrane to remove contaminants from water. This has proven to be a superior method of filtration. It is generally considered a more permanent solution as well as these systems are typically larger in size than a typical pitcher filter

UV systems also exist to purify the water. You find these used a lot in aquatic settings such as salt water aquariums for keeping the water sterile and virus free.

Systems are now available that combine the best of both worlds. Studies have found that using a combination of Reverse Osmosis in conjunction with UV at the point of exit provides a much better sterilization process that virtually eliminates contamination at the spout.

Which Water Purification system is best for my family?

Our choice are Leslie WaterWorks bottleless water systems as they have all the benefits of a Reverse Osmosis system RO combined with a UV sterilization purification phase during water exit. It provides clean, on-demand water that meets some of the highest standards of water purity on the market.

The Leslie WaterWorks system can provide your business or home with one of the absolute best on-demand purification systems for your family, company, employees, and personal use.

For more information on Leslie WaterWorks purification solutions. Contact www.lesliewaterworks.com.