Would you eat “Uncertified”?

Water is the most consumed food & beverage product. Yet it is the least certified. The meat, seafood, dairy and many of the grocery products we consume are subject to strict food safety guidelines, inspection and standards. Even though the same rigorous controls should be expected of water, a surprising number of under certified, low-quality water coolers make it into the market. A POU water dispenser is not just a glorified water chiller. It should purify your water at the POU (Point of Use) – this requires sophisticated technology and in-depth knowledge of your incoming water. Water borne diseases are normally not evident to the eye. Effects can be long term from lead, chlorine, etc. Each year there were many cases of illnesses caused by drinking contaminated water. Most are minor and go unreported. Low-grade POU (not adequately certified) can even worsen the quality of tap water (sitting in cold tanks without UV purification etc.) The only way to guarantee quality water is to filter and purify at the “Point of Use” (i.e. At the point at which it is dispensed) by using an independently certified, quality POU dispenser. Remember, water is a food product SO DRINK CERTIFIED.

POU Water Dispenser Questions:


  • Is the POU Certified? – Most alternatives are not as well certified, possibly because the design may not meet the relevant standards.

  • Quality of Materials? – Alternatives sometimes use poor, inferior raw materials to cut costs.

  • Button and Faucet? – Button and faucet are separated with the Waterlogic systems. This reduces the risk of contamination of dirty hands touching the water tap (faucet).

  • Exposed Water Taps? – Exposed taps are a haven for bacteria, and are easily touched by bottles, cups, hands, etc.
  • Cold Water Tank Sealed? – innowave Cold tank is sealed with UV inside.

  • BioCote Protection? – Waterlogic exclusively uses BioCote® antimicrobial protection on the external components, as an additional defense mechanism in addition to regular cleaning.

  • Safety Features? – Waterlogic dispensers include leak detection systems and heat sensors.

POU Water Dispenser 6 Step Checklist:


Question Waterlogic
POU Brand #1 POU Brand #2 POU Brand #3
Does your POU have any certifications? YES      
Has your company been in this industry for long? YES      
Water Quality Certifications YES      
Is your company a member of any recognized trade bodies such as WRAS?  YES      
Is the filter system certified as well as your product? YES      
Can you confirm that there are no hidden charges or extras? YES