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1. The new website is really good!  Do you want some feedback?  Of course you do! 

The general public doesn’t know what “ITS” is so you might think about changing it to UV sanitization or purification.  You could also move the Firewall line under the UV so both purification lines are together for easier comparison. 

For the ITS line you can add checks to WL800, and WL500.  You can add a check under the Cube for Firewall too.
~By Waterlogic

2. Mr. Cohen thank you again, your guys did an amazing Job, in another location where i was told it was impossible to put your water coolers. Much appreciated.  As a Manager I can tell when you have have leaders that work for. These 2 guys are GREAT and always figure it out!! Thanks again.
~By Patrick M
NYC Department of Probation