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Leslie WaterWorks® offers the largest array of bottleless purification and filtration water coolers and ice machines to satisfy the needs of any sized office. As a market leader for over 15 years, Leslie WaterWorks® is a member of the Bottleless Water Association (BLWA) and your trusted source for all your drinking water needs. We guarantee the purest, best-tasting drinking water imaginable with our state-of-the- art two purification processes of - sub-micron filtration and UV technology. With no more bottles and no more wasted water, Leslie WaterWorks® is the future of commercial drinking water. CALL US AT 1-866-426-4100 FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS AND BECOMING GREEN.

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WL-250 Tower


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WL-350 Countertop


WL-800 Max II


NEW! - Introducing the WL-800 Max II

Leslie WaterWorks® Is proud to introduce the WL-800 Max II as a state of the art water purification system. The WL800 Max II is designed to meet the high demands for cold and hot water in high traffic areas. The intuitive paddle operation and tall dispensing area enables users to easily fill large jugs and carafes. With an ultraviolet system to maintain water hygiene and large capacity tanks, you are assured a continuous supply of clean and refreshing water. CALL US AT 1-866-426-4100 FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE WL-800 MAX II AND BECOMING GREEN.Details




NEW! - Introducing the WL-500

Leslie WaterWorks® Is proud to introduce the WL-500 as a state of the art sparkling water purification system. The WL500 delivers exceptional sparkling water and all your chilled and hot water needs too. This fully programmable model features advanced Thermistor controls for more precise temperature control, ultraviolet light sanitization and large capacity CO2. The WL500 will invigorate your workplace with great taste and refreshment throughout the day.. CALL US AT 1-866-426-4100 FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE WL-500 AND BECOMING GREEN.Details

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15 Series Countertop


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