Tap into a world of incredible-tasting clean water and refreshing ice while becoming GREEN

Leslie WaterWorks® offers the largest array of bottleless purification and filtration water coolers and ice machines to satisfy the needs of any sized office. As a market leader for over 15 years, Leslie WaterWorks® is a member of the Bottleless Water Association (BLWA) and your trusted source for all your drinking water needs. We guarantee the purest, best-tasting drinking water imaginable with our state-of-the-art two purification processes of – sub-micron filtration and UV technology. With no more bottles and no more wasted water, Leslie WaterWorks® is the future of commercial drinking water. CALL JACK COHEN AT (516)-369-3022 FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT LESLIE WATERWORKS PRODUCTS OR FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW.