Clean and refreshing water on demand
The Chiller Sport delivers on a promise of endless refreshing chilled water for your workplace.
It features multi-stage filtration and ultr aviolet light sa nitization to reduc e bacterial growth
and prevent potential bio film buildup. The business friendly design and guaranteed reliability ensure you have all the quality cold and hot water your employees and guest s need.
The Chiller Sport has three core technologies:
1. High Performance Filtration: This model can be configured with four stage reverse osmosis filtration or multistage
carbon filtration depending on water conditions
These p1ocesses 1 emove wa ter contaminants and chlo1ine to improve wa ter taste and odor
2. In-Tank UV: An in-tank ultraviolet light reduces bacterial growth to guaran tee fresh clean wa ter.
3. BioCote”” Antimicrobial Protection: Antimicrobial technology that is proven to be effective against a wide range of microbes such as odor causing and staining bacteria, mold and fungus. BioCote reduces microbes by up to 99.99%
• Unlimited cold and hot filtere d water on demand
• UV technol ogy to reduce bacter ial growth
• BPA Free and better for the environment
• Large dispensing area to f it sport bottles
• BioCote a ntimicrobial protec tion to reduce the spread of germs
• Easy connection to your existing water supply
• Option for drip tray drainage
• Tower model to free up counter space