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How Tariffs Affect Your Business

Dealer Spotlight – Leslie WaterWorks

Water in the News

Technical Training Classes

                                                                                                         How Tariffs Affect Your Business

President Donald Trump’s tariffs on $34 billion in Chinese goods sets the stage for price increases that will affect your business. In our industry, we are already seeing increases as a result of imported parts or machines from Chinese factories as well as American products that have suffered increases in aluminum and steel.  

Starting August 1st, invoices will show an additional line item called “tariff surcharge” which will reflect a temporary charge of 15.75%. The tariff surcharge does not affect the Ice 900, Follett line or the WL800.

We will continue to work to offset the impact of this increase and we will react swiftly to remove the surcharge once the tariff is lifted.

                                                                                                     Dealer Spotlight – Leslie WaterWorks
Leslie WaterWorks, based in Long Island, New York is an exclusive Waterlogic dealer that continues to be a leader in the field with exceptional customer service, technical knowledge and a loyal customer base. Debbie Mitchell recently sat down with Jack Cohen to find out what makes Leslie WaterWorks one of the best dealers year after year.

When Leslie Waterworks opened in 2001 in New York, they didn’t realize what a challenging year it would be in the wake of the 9‐11 attacks, says Jack Cohen, partner of the top‐rated dealership for Waterlogic. Having realized a successful career in the garment industry; along with his partners, Jeff and Rich Schloss, whose family business found success in the copier industry, their team produced a thriving first year victory. 

“There are three foundations to being successful in the water business”, says Jack ‐ “Networking, Telemarketing and Referrals.” Jack’s clear‐eyed outlook and profitable track record makes him the perfect candidate to render useful tips. With Networking, don’t go down the lazy path with a group that hands out cards and glad hands. “Find a group that is industry exclusive,” says Jack. “I belong to the BIN, Business Information Network; we meet twice a month for a group meeting at a local country club. Additionally, we meet in smaller groups at each other’s offices to learn more about each other’s business. Our group consists of business owners and senior level managers who are in a position to make decisions and give referrals.” Next time we talk to Jack, we’ll do a deeper dive on Networking.

Telemarketing is key to the success of your business; equally important as finding the right sales person. “I have always staffed at least three telemarketers/appointment setters and three sales people. Make sure you give them a good list to call. We use Costar, a real estate/mover list.”

Last, but certainly not least is referrals. Jack is not just sitting back idly; he has built a network of friends, business associates and clients over the years that are happy to refer business his way.  Social media has also played a big part in their success. “We’ve developed a new website, Facebook page and Instagram account. People see us, we’re becoming more visible.”

This produced a record year for Jack; he sold over 400 systems himself in 2017! He’s not only in the game, he’s putting up solid numbers! “It’s not just one player in a company that makes it successful” Jack stressed steadfastly, “it’s the Leslie Waterworks Team that makes us successful, you have to have a great Team alongside you. We have the best team in place that we’ve ever had, everyone knows their job, and everyone does it well”. “You put the right people, in the right seats on the bus, point the bus in the right direction, you will build a great company” Jack added.

A face crafted by central casting as the Face of Confidence; nothing’s going to take him down. The man is like his smile….permanent!

Stay tuned for part 2 of our next article from Leslie Waterworks; a powerful in-depth look at the service arm of the business and competitive edge.

                                                                                                             Water in the News

The Environmental Defense Fund found the presence of lead in drinking water at child care facilities across the country. “Two of the facilities, including one in Chicago, had at least one sample that exceeded 80 parts per billion, which is 16 times higher than the lead level allowed in bottled water per regulations“.

Natural Resources Defense Council sued the city of Newark, alleging “officials violated federal safe drinking water laws by not adequately monitoring and testing a water system that contained what it termed ‘dangerously high’ lead levels“.

                                                                                       Reminder- Upcoming Technical Training Classes:

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Technical Training Class

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