What is BioCote® Technology?


BioCote® is incorporated into Leslie WaterWorks® Waterlogic® water treatment systems during the manufacturing process, creating a concentration of silver ions on the product’s surface. When microbes come into contact with a BioCote® protected surface, the silver binds with the microbes and causes the enzymes to break down. They cannot produce energy to multiply and growth is inhibited. This built-in anti-microbial protection reduces levels of surface degrading and staining bacteria, mold and fungi by up to 99.9% over a 24-hour period.

BioCote® antimicrobial protection is based on silver ion technology. This technology, in the form of an additive, is incorporated into products at the time of manufacture and then provides continuous built-in antimicrobial protection for the expected lifetime of the product. In addition, laboratory tests have repeatedly demonstrated the ability of BioCote® protected surfaces to inhibit the growth and formation of moulds and yeast.

All BioCote® protected products are regularly validated and quality control tested to ISO 22196:2007 where applicable, in an independent laboratory. Only products that demonstrate over a 95% reduction in microbes are allowed to use the BioCote® brand as a guarantee of superior antimicrobial performance.