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Waterlogic Dealer Spotlight: Leslie Waterworks, Inc.

Leslie WaterWorks, based in Long Island, New York is an exclusive Waterlogic dealer that continues to be a leader in the field with exceptional customer service, technical knowledge and a loyal customer base. Debbie Mitchell recently sat down with Jack Cohen to find out what makes Leslie WaterWorks one of the best dealers year after year.

When Leslie Waterworks opened in 2001 in New York, they didn’t realize what a challenging year it would be in the wake of the 9‐11 attacks, says Jack Cohen, partner of the top‐rated dealership for Waterlogic. Having realized a successful career in the garment industry; along with his partners, Jeff and Rich Schloss, whose family business found success in the copier industry, their team produced a thriving first year victory. 

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How Tariffs Affect Your Business…

President Donald Trump’s tariffs on $34 billion in Chinese goods sets the stage for price increases that will affect your business. In our industry, we are already seeing increases as a result of imported parts or machines from Chinese factories as well as American products that have suffered increases in aluminum and steel.  

Starting August 1st, invoices will show an additional line item called “tariff surcharge” which will reflect a temporary charge of 15.75%. The tariff surcharge does not affect the Ice 900, Follett line or the WL800.

We will continue to work to offset the impact of this increase and we will react swiftly to remove the surcharge once the tariff is lifted.